mist_locations - Lists all available locations/regions for a backend

Author:Mist.io Inc


New in version 1.7.1.

Returns a list of all available locations/regions for a given backend mist_email and mist_password can be skipped if ~/.mist config file is present. See mist.client documentation for config file http://mistclient.readthedocs.org/en/latest/cmd/cmd.html


parameter required default choices comments
backend yes
    Can be either backend's id or name
    mist_email no
      Email to login to the mist.io service
      mist_password no
        Password to login to the mist.io service
        mist_uri no https://mist.io
          Url of the mist.io service. By default https://mist.io. But if you have a custom installation of mist.io you can provide the url here


          Requires mist.client


          - name: List locations for a backend
              mist_email: your@email.com
              mist_password: yourpassword
              backend: DigitalOcean
            register: locations