mist_backends - Manage backends in the mist.io service

Author:Mist.io Inc


New in version 1.7.1.

Manage multi-cloud backends through mist.io service. You can add/remove multiple backends from multiple providers through mist.io service. Before you can provision, monitor etc machines through mist.io, you have to first add a backend to the mist.io service. Mist.io supports EC2, Rackspace, Openstack, Linode, Google Compute Engine, SoftLayer, Digital Ocean, Nephoscale, Bare metal servers, Docker containers, HP Cloud. mist_email and mist_password can be skipped if ~/.mist config file is present. See mist.client documentation for config file http://mistclient.readthedocs.org/en/latest/cmd/cmd.html


parameter required default choices comments
api_url no
    APIURL needed by Openstack and HP Cloud
    backend no
      Can be either he backend's name or id. To be used when listing info for backends.
      backend_key no
        This is either the username, api_key etc, depending on the provider
        backend_secret no
          This is either the password, api_secret token etc, depending on the provider. For Linode and DigitalOcean only this one is needed.
          compute_endpoint no
            Needed by some OpenStack installations
            machine_ip no
              Ip address needed when adding Bare Metal Server
              machine_key no
                Id of ssh key needed when adding Bare Metal Server. The key must have been added first to the mist.io service
                machine_port no
                  Used when adding a Bare Metal Server
                  machine_user no
                    User for Bare Metal Server
                    mist_email no
                      Email to login to the mist.io service
                      mist_password no
                        Password to login to the mist.io service
                        mist_uri no https://mist.io
                          Url of the mist.io service. By default https://mist.io. But if you have a custom installation of mist.io you can provide the url here
                          name no
                            The title you want the backend to have
                            provider no
                              Provider id for the backend you want to add to mist.io. You can see all the providers ids using the mist_providers module.
                              region no
                                Necessary only if there is a custom Openstack region
                                state no
                                • present
                                • absent
                                If provided it will instruct the module to trigger backend actions, otherwise it will only list information
                                tenant_name no
                                  In case of Openstack backend, it may have to be provided


                                  Requires mist.client


                                  - name: Add NepshoScale backend
                                      mist_email: your@email.com
                                      mist_password: yourpassword
                                      name: NephoScale
                                      provider: nephoscale
                                      backend_key: 908dfjokjkma0hgj9809uj
                                      backend_secret: kjhf98y9lkj0909kj90
                                      state: present
                                  - name: List information about DigitalOcean backend
                                      mist_email: your@email.com
                                      mist_password: yourpassword
                                      backend: DigitalOcean
                                    register: backend